visual arts platform (PAV)
Curated selections, audio-video installation
Asociația Simultan Timișoara, Simultan Media Archive
The collaboration between the SIMULTAN Association and the Faculty of Arts and Design from Timișoara aimed at conducting research in the media archive of the most important experimental video festival in Romania. The five master students, coordinated by Maria Oroșan-Telea, made curated selections guided by their personal theoretical interests, but also by the dynamics of the online archive, by the countless possibilities of association between the existing video materials.

Distorted res publica. The siege of a person
Cătălin Ionuţ Beldean followed the fragmentary invasion of taken and distorted images that are in line with the dystopia of manipulation and lying.

Loredana Ilie stopped on corporality: the subject-body, the protest-body, the fluid-body, the traumatized-body, the artist-body.

Anthropocene, cyborg
Isabella Madarász's selection refers to technology and nature strongly shaped by man.

all I see without looking in the mirror is me
For Marina Paladi, the selection criteria was the questioning of personal identity in relation to the outside world.

A cathedral of sports
Gavril Pop has made a selection of films in which movement, dance, sports are the dominant elements.


SIMULTAN [media archive] proposes the (re)creation of an online database, a digital archive based on the selected video works in the 16 editions of Simultan Festival, but also of other documentary materials (video and audio) from 2005 until present.
The term "archive" can define different things: a verb, a noun, and a storage strategy. In recent decades, theorists such as Jaques Derrida and Michel Foucault have expanded the political and social significance of the archive. As a result, our idea of ​​the archive has changed from a more traditional notion when we refer to archives (we perceive it as a collection of records and the location in which they are kept). With its shattered neutrality, the idea of ​​the archive is to build and support cultural memory.

The Simultan Association is a non-governmental organization, founded in 2005 by a group of artists and practitioners from Timișoara.
The association aims to develop and maintain a platform dedicated to interdisciplinary arts – emerging media projects, experimental music, and audio-visual and sound projects, related to the global cultural context and new forms of expression, with an emphasis on promotion and original content generation.
The establishment of such a structure was an important step in familiarizing the local art scene with the possibilities of new media. Our goal is to exhibit annually sound/audiovisual performances, experimental music concerts, video-art screenings, exhibitions, conferences, and workshops, whose themes and methods include: stylistic eclecticism, the relationship between man and automatization, recycling or ecological subjects, dry – digital lyricism, the fusion of acoustic and electronic instruments, expanded cinema, live jovial sound collages, reflecting on the political structure of sound.

Program coordinator: Maria Orosan Telea, Lector universitar Universitatea de Vest din Timișoara - Facultatea de Arte și Design
Curatorial program students: Gavril Pop, Loredana Ilie, Marina Paladi, Isabella Madarász, Cătălin Beldean

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