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Cosmic Latte
Directed by: Lupu Ștefan
Universitatea Națională de Artă Teatrală și Cinematografică „I. L. Caragiale” București
The Romanian Season

Concept: Ștefan Lupu
Assistent: Lăcrămioara Soare 
Scenography: Clara Ștefana 
Sound design: David Luncă 
Video: Eugen Munteanu / Tony Macpela 
Light design: Cristi Voicu 
Producers: UNATC
Cast: Eduard Chimac, Mihnea Cârjan, Iulia Lupașcu, Ramona Niculae, Catinca Hanțiu, Bianca Marinescu, Vlad Furtună, Tony Macpela, Paula Pîrvu, Vlad Crudu, Ciprian Chiujdea, Antonia Scutaru

Cosmic latte is “the average colour of the universe”, as defined by a group of astronomers in 2003. They calculated the average of the light spectrum coming from over 200,000 galaxies and the final result was #FFF8E7: Cosmic Latte. This is exactly how 12 different life stories merged, each with their own brilliance and uniqueness, forming a final product: a show where vulnerability is in perfect harmony with the expressiveness of each performer. “Cosmic Latte” touches on themes such as death, birth, trauma, and love. A single show that episodically touches upon these fundamental subjects, giving the audience time to empathise and relate with the actors’ stories.

“It is difficult, very close to impossible, to write about the tireless overlapping of the movements of such different bodies, which nevertheless always seem to be parts of one fantastic organism.” (Octavian Neculai)

Special effects: Laser, Strobe
Performance in Romanian, with translation into English
Duration: 1h 40min
Date of premiere: 18.11.2022
Original title: Cosmic Latte

Shows and Access

2 July, 17:00

GONG Theatre - Downstairs Hall   
1h 40min