Contre-enquêtes (Online)
Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne

Based on the text “Meursault contre-enquête” by Kamel Daoud
Director and scenography: Nicolas Stemann
Video design: Claudia Lehmann
Costumes design: Marysol del Castillo
Sound design: Paloma Colombe, Nicolas Stemann
Light design: Jonathan O'Hear
Dramaturgy: Katinka Deecke
Director's Assistant: Mathias Brossard
Lighting: Farid Boussad Deghou
Video: Victor Hunziker
Stage manager: Véronique Kespi​ 
With: Mounir Margoum, Thierry Raynaud
Production: Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne, Schauspielhaus Zürich

The German director Nicolas Stemann takes as his starting point the novel that revealed to the world the incisive writing of the Algerian author Kamel Daoud, “The Meursault Investigation” – the obstinate quest of Haroun, who believes he is the brother of the murdered Arab man in “The Stranger”. In this critical homage to Camus, the Algerian novelist builds a surprising work of fiction that reveals the hypocrisies of both Europe and the Maghreb since its independence. With his two actors, Nicolas Stemann extends the story of the novel by staging the meeting between Haroun and Meursault, but also between Camus and Daoud. How can this meeting take place today, nearly sixty years after Algerian independence? How does decolonisation still affect the lives of people on both sides of the Mediterranean?

Performance in French, with translation into Romanian and English
Duration: 1h 20min 
Date of premiere: 6.10.2021
Original title: Contre-enquêtes
Special effects: cigarettes, haze machine

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25.06, 20:00

Online    24h
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