Chiritza in Quarantine (Online)
"Lucian Blaga" National Theater Cluj-Napoca

Text by: Matei Millo
Directed by: Ada Milea & Andrea Gavriliu
Performance by: Ada Milea
Stage adaptation: Ada Milea, Anca Hanu, Cosmin Stănilă
Music: Ada Milea, Anca Hanu
Choreographer: Andrea Gavriliu
Set design: Alexandra Constantin
Set design adaptation: Zsófia Gábor
Costumes design: Zsófia Gábor
Electronic adaptation: Radu Dogaru
Lighting designer: Jenel Moldovan
Cast: Chiritza Bârzoi: Anca Hanu, LuLu: Sânziana Tarța, LeO / MeMe 602: Matei Rotaru, The Programmer: Radu Dogaru, Bârzoi: Cornel Răileanu, Aristitza: Mihnea Blidariu, Calipsitza: Cristian Rigman, Gulitză: Miron Maxim

Ada Milea has a strong connection to the team of the Cluj National Theatre, having created six concert-performances together. A good enough reason for the team to once again allow Ada Milea’s inventiveness and gaiety to guide them. Bârzoaia – an old character of Romanian drama, legendary for its humour – takes to the stage again during the lockdown. From the quarantine imposed on Vîrciorova train cars, as described in Matei Millo’s text, to today’s lockdown restrictions there is but a step. However, nowadays, Chiritza and all her relatives benefit from 21st century technology! Will these prevent her from avoiding the rules and the laws, as she normally does? Join us to find out.

Performance in Romanian, with translation into English
Performance not recommended to audiences under the age of 12
Duration: 1h 10min
Date of premiere: 18.04.2021

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25.06, 21:00

Online    24h
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