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Agnes of God
By: John Pielmeier
Directed by: Sânziana Stoican
Teatrul C.I. Nottara
The Romanian and Francophone Seasons

Directed by: Sânziana Stoican
John Pielmeier
Translation: Bogdan Budeș 
Scenography: Valentin Vârlan
Cast: Agnes - Cristina Juncu Martha Livingstone - Luminița Erga / Isabela Neamțu Stareța Miriam - Victoria Cociaș / Crenguța Hariton

A newborn is found dead in a nun convent. A court sends psychiatrist Martha Livingstone to diagnose the mental health status and decide the fate of the young novice Agnes, who seems to not remember giving birth. The novice has but a few options: prison, a mental institution, or acquittal. A rivalry arises between mother superior Miriam Ruth and psychiatrist Livingstone, as they both wish to help the novice, by protecting her through love, and through therapy respectively.

“One can either believe in a divine power or not, but one must take a closer look at the life all around, disturbed by the effects that can lead to limit situations. Moral education, functional in the Bible also, becomes a major theme in this event performance…” (Ileana Lucaciu)

Performance in Romanian, with translation into English
Performance not recommended to audiences under the age of 16
Duration: 1h 50min
Date of premiere: 16.12.2022
Original title: Agnes, aleasa lui Dumnezeu

Shows and Access

23 June, 17:00

GONG Theatre - Upstairs Hall   
1h 50min

23 June, 21:00

GONG Theatre - Upstairs Hall   
1h 50min