A Stab in the Dark (Online)
Text by: Carl Bland
Directed by: Ben Crowder & Carl Bland
With: Joel Tobeck, Alison Bruce, Jon Coddington, Milo Cawthorne
Design: Andrew Foster, Rachel Marlow, Brad Gledhill, John Gibson, Elizabeth Whiting, Jon Coddington
Co-producers: Originally commissioned and presented by Auckland Arts Festival.

What would you do if you met your exact double? What would happen if this double started following you? Forced his way into your life? Started to take it over?
The story is a page turner. A thriller full of surprises. A wicked, funny and unpredictable ride as we watch someone’s life unravel. Where they are forced to face the truth. What happened to that small innocent child we once were? What shapes us into the person we all become?
“A Stab in the Dark” uses extraordinary giant puppets, evocative film noir imagery and a set that’s so tilted our characters have to hang on for dear life.
It is dark. Absurdly funny. Visually beautiful. You’ll be on the edge of your seats as you watch good and evil battle it out.

Performance in English, with translation into Romanian
Performance not recommended to audiences under the age of 16
Duration: 1h 15min
Date of premiere: 11.03.2022
Original title: A Stab in the Dark

Shows and Tickets

29.06, 20:00

Online    24h
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