3STRS (Online)
TR Warszawa, National Stary Theatre in Cracow

After: Anton Chekhov's "Three Sisters"
Directed by: Luk Perceval
Stage design, video: Philip Bussmann
Costumes: Annelies Vanlaere
Lights direction: Mark Van Denesse
Music: Karol Nepelski
Script translation: Karolina Bikont
Dramaturgy cooperation: Roman Pawłowski
Director’s assistants: Aleksandra Śliwińska, Alek Niemiro, Amanda Mincewicz
Literary assistant: Jacek Telenga
Costume designer’s assistant: Karolina Bramowicz
Cast: Jacek Beler: Wierszynin; Oksana Czerkaszyna / Marta Ojrzyńska: Natasza; Paweł Kruszelnicki: Tuzenbach; Natalia Kalita: Masza; Rafał Maćkowiak: Kułygin; Maria Maj: Olga; Jacek Romanowski: Czebutykin; Małgorzata Zawadzka: Irina; Mirosław Zbrojewicz: Andrzej.
Production: Karolina Pająk-Sieczkowska, Magda Igielska
Co-production: National Stary Theatre Cracow

 Today the daughters of General Prozorov, the title characters of Chekhov’s drama, no longer miss big city. It is the time of their youth that they are longing for. In the eyes of Luk Perceval, “Three Sisters” is a portrait of an aging Europe that does not want to give in to the passage of time. The routine of the title heroines’ daily existence is interrupted by an attempt to recall events from the past. In a metaphorical nursing home, an aging Europe confronts the new energy of immigrants. What results from this meeting? What are the political and social consequences of the aging of entire societies? How do we deal with old age, memory loss? In what way do we construct and idealise the past?

Performance in Polish, with translation into Romanian and English
Performance not recommended to audiences under the age of 16
Duration: 2h 10min
Date of premiere: 15.05.2021 
Original title: 3Siostry
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