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By: Roy Oppenheim & Zohar Sharon
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A Work For An Orchestra in Motion
By: Roy Oppenheim & Zohar Sharon
Written and Directed by Roy Oppenheim
Original Music: Zohar Sharon
Movement Design: Ariel N. Wolf
Video-Art Design: Yoav Cohen
Lighting Design: Keren Granek
Stage Design: Zohar Shoef
Costume Design: Reut Shaibe
Text Editing: Ido Ricklin
Sound Design: Valery Kotler
Video Art Programming: Daniel Bassin
Conductor: Roy Oppenheim
Violin: Adi Hlavin, Hagar Maoz, Tomer Einat, Lia Raikhlin, Talia Herzlich, Naama Serfaty
Viola: Daniel Tanchelson, Amir Weizman
Cello: Jackie Fay, Yael Shapira, Ben Shibolet
Double Bass: Daniel Sapir

Producer: Daniel Ring
General Manager: Omer Lackner

“Moods” is a work for an orchestra in motion by Roy Oppenheim and Zohar Sharon.
“I'm not interested in how people move, but in what moves them.” – Pina Bausch

A musical-theatrical performance integrating orchestral music, stage movement, and video projection, starting with a Chopin Prelude, and ending with Radiohead's “Exit Music”. A work where the orchestra musicians move on stage while playing within changing visual worlds, thus creating a musical-theatrical voyage that embodies the double meaning of “to move something” and “to move someone” – to be in a musical mood.

A healing, heart-rending and intense musical journey. A monumental show, like a symphony.

Performance in English, with translation into Romanian 
Duration: 1h
Date of premiere: 12.06.2022
Original title: Moods

Shows and Access

26 June, 16:00

Fabrica de Cultură - UniCredit - Faust Hall   

26 June, 22:00

Fabrica de Cultură - UniCredit - Faust Hall