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Flying Waters
Egill Sæbjörnsson 
Islanda, Germany

Multimedia Installation

Flying Waters is an independent art piece and a pilot project for The Mother which is commissioned by Therme Art for the Therme Bucharest. A set of evocative and free-flowing water jets being projected onto the façade of the church and use the  façade as an all-encompassing blanket. Egill Sæbjörnsson has been working with technology, animation, virtual reality and everyday life since the mid 1990's. The Mother is essentially a video installation where Flying Waters and other projections will be projected onto a water fountain inside a dome. The line between real and illusory is often blurred in Sæbjörnsson’s work, highlighting how subjective preconceptions and responses mould the material world.

Shows and Access

30 June, 21:45

Catedrala Luterană Evenghelică ,,Sf. Maria”   
1h 30min